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There is growing consensus that SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud is emerging as the new IT architecture that’s enabling rapid change in businesses and societies. Although it goes by a variety of names in the industry, these foundational concepts form the cornerstones of the modern day technological discussion.

Businesses are facing competitors who have been able to achieve parity in terms of service, technology and price. Meanwhile innovative new business models are causing disruption across even the largest and firmly established organizations. Digital businesses that leverage data analytics, are challenging traditional businesses, that still persist in leveraging fixed assets. Witness the rise of Uber and AirBnB.

The 21st century enterprise is everywhere and anywhere, and consequently smart societies need to create meaningful incentives to attract a growing, educated population of mobile workers. These new generation workers are challenging the status quo on how they live, work, move and interact. Today’s tech savvy employees also have higher expectations. They expect a seamless mobile computing experience that blends from work to home and back, on a range of smart devices across smart networks.

Smart cities and mobile communities across the globe are competing for these scarce human resources.

Especially in the case of millennials, who demand secure, high quality living standards and ubiquitous, cost effective electronic connectivity and smart services from their governments.

Business and civil societies are facing a common technological nexus. They both have to invest in, and leverage off, common digital smart platforms to stay competitive and relevant. But it’s not only about connecting people to information in the cloud. It’s also about connecting unattended machines, devices and sensors to these same clouds, to provide instant and continuous feedback for work/home systems and processes.

Much of this infrastructure will reside outside of the traditional four walls and with this come new threats, both physical and virtual. As the Internet of Things and enterprise networks merge into a single entity, experts are predicting new vectors of attack with both devices and networks vulnerable to hacking and security breaches. Therefore, the management of data and the role of the smart CISO, and all the electronic smart things that make up this vastly extended network becomes even more critical.

The 5th Enterprise Mobility Forum, takes the mobile technology conversation one step further with seven “smart” topics across three days that will sharpen the lens on how mobile technology can contribute to smarter, safer and more mobile businesses and societies.

The modern workforce has become accustomed to a certain level of functionality and connectivity in their daily lives where choices are limitless.

The same consumer
experience is expected in
their work lives.

As the lines between professional and personal become more blurred, organisations and workers who don’t advance and adapt will be left behind.

There is only one constant in
mobility, and that is change.