Grant currently holds the position of Chief Information Security Officer at the FirstRand Group and FNB. In addition he holds the position of Data Privacy Officer at FNB and also serves on the Beyond Trust Security Advisory Council.

He completed his Diploma in Computer Science Studies, Information Technology with 1st Class Distinction in 1990 and started his career as a Trainee Programmer, developing data capture solutions for mining and government institutions. It was two years later that he started his 25 year career in the financial industry. The first 11 years were spent programming in 11 different languages on numerous platforms including ATM’s, POS, Branch and various other supporting platforms. The next 10 years were focused on various disciplines of IT Architecture spanning application, systems, integration, solutions, domain and enterprise architecture. In the last 4 years Grant evolved from being an information security architect to  Chief Information Security Officer and Data Privacy Officer.

Grant worked for two of the big 5 banks in South Africa and also consulted for a number of years.

Grant’s passion in life is to solve complex problems through innovation and differentiation. He does not believe in standing still too long and his goal is to take people along on his journey.

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