This year, EMF takes the concept of personal and business networking to the next level. As a complementary process to its very successful 1-2-1 meeting formula, EMF will be arranging a number of small and highly focused IDEATE discussion sessions.

Each IDEATE session will be formed around a high level business problem that has surfaced from the challenges and demands on shaping and managing the future enterprise. The desired outcome of this small group of no more than six people, is to produce a better understanding of the problem and explore possible solutions by sharing multiple stakeholder perspectives. Each IDEALIST (attendee) is personally invited and will be expected to offer unique insights and perspective to the discussion.

Each session will be expertly managed by a IDEATOR (Moderator) who will introduce and manage the topic across the 60-minute session duration and will take place in designated areas in an informal setting on the Arabella Hotel & Spa Estate.