Iankeller (2)

With over 20 years Information Security and Information Technology experience encompassing Strategy, Infrastructure, IRM, IAM, GRC & SEIM, Ian Keller is hailed a passionate and talented professional. Ian is not one to see challenges as an excuse for failure. In fact, Ian thrives when opportunities arise to tackle projects that are in their infancy or at a crisis stage. No task is too big, thanks to his determination to see things through, offering solutions to operational challenges.

Ian has copious amounts of passion for the industry in which he applies himself. He is not afraid to seek assistance, input or direction from others, being well aware that one does not know everything, and acknowledging and listening to all team members can lead to success beyond expectation.

He considers taking time to impart his knowledge to team members and staff as one of the most important attributes of an outstanding leader. According to Ian, people are not merely a number or block on an organogram, but a vital piece of a complex puzzle striving for success. There are no bad experiences and everyone can learn from each other through mutual respect for colleagues at all levels. He acknowledges the opportunities given to him by previous managers and applies the “pay it forward” principle of affording others similar opportunities. He has managed a variety of teams successfully, which included field support engineers, data capturers, administration staff, risk and information security specialists, and project and program managers.

Ian recognises life is full of adversity and can identify and manage specific problems on a case by case basis. One cannot take things personally and needs to focus on the task at hand. Ian relishes the prospect of utilising his innovative and resourceful attributes to change a function from chaos to order and provide value as an employee. Embracing challenges leads to greater knowledge, personal and professional growth.