What is a smart society?

As technology such as Internet of Things (IOT) sensors, social networks, mobile devices, and cloud computing services become ever more ubiquitous around the globe, societies also undergo large scale transformation in terms of how people communicate, collaborate, and stay productive from anywhere, anytime, using any device. The eventual outcome of this transformational process is a smart society in which all elements (people, the private sector and public sector) are all connected.

The Network effects of Smart Societies

All the elements of society are connected to the Internet and with each other. This high level of connectivity enables opportunities for businesses to become technology or industry disruptors, who push sectors forward through innovation.

Customers have been empowered to find all the information they need on products and services, and do pricing and benefits comparisons online. They can also read reviews as well as user feedback within forums, and go on to use their social networks to seek council from trusted sources like friends and family. Businesses are utilising these same channels to engage with customers and provide content marketing communications. Companies also form mutually beneficial business partnerships with organisations worldwide and can outsource tasks to subject matter experts around the globe who can collaborate with local teams through tools such as Skype for Business and Yammer.

Being a smart business in a smart society

Business leaders and decision-makers are transforming their companies through mobility and cloud-based solutions and turning these into a digital business in order to compete more effectively and become the disruptor and not the disrupted.

Whether your business is in retail, manufacturing, financial services or education, it should be exploring new ways to create and capture value. Expanding to cater to new customer segments in a globally connected world, should also be on the transformation agenda, whilst cities must investigate new ways to connect with citizens and to re-imagine education, health, safety, and sustainability.

Around 80% of global leaders have digital transformation on their agenda and organisations that complete this transformation sooner rather than later will have the competitive edge over their rivals. This, as we are living in an on-demand economy, wherein companies are competing on the basis of customer experience, according to Gartner. Companies that invest in technology like mobility and cloud solutions, will be able to cater to customer needs quicker, better and by using less resources than those businesses that do not.

So how can technology help your organisation?

Technology can transform your company into a digital business in a mobile-first, cloud-first world in the following manners:

  1. Technology connects the dots in your organisation’s external environment
    • Connect with your customers by enabling and empowering your digital channels through the trusted cloud, built with the highest standards of security. Be empowered with apps that work on all popular device types mobile platforms. Manage your customer engagement and deliver amazing customer experiences.
    • Connect with your supply chain with devices, software and tools to manage your entire business across any industry and with the insights you need to make informed decisions. Connect different lines of business and enable them to all work together by sharing insights. Enable your environment with data analytics to unlock efficiencies and collaborate in real time.
  1. Technology connects the dot in your organisation’s internal environment
    1. Leverage technology to enable your business to work like a network, with enterprise mobility offerings that provide your employees the ability to access anything from anywhere, stay productive and integrate with the technologies you have. Enjoy a multi-purpose experience, without having to compromise on security.

Your enterprise mobility offering should deliver:

  1. Identity-driven securityProtect your business with enterprise grade and world class security. Simplify identity management by creating a single set of credentials for each worker, making it easier for IT to apply identity-based security measures. Avoid the risk of attackers that reside within your network.
  1. The ability to manage mobile productivity – Encourage your workers to use secure applications for work even on their personal devices (BYOD).
  1. A comprehensive solution – Stay ahead of you “BYOD” workers. Scale quickly to on-board new hires, devices, apps, and more.

Call to action

Smart societies are connected to a greater extent than ever before and have been empowered to collaborate and communicate more effectively, through mobile devices and cloud-based services.

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