Cyberattacks on organizations continue to escalate and malicious cybercriminals are operating in a more intelligent and focussed manner than ever before. Security professionals are under huge pressure to transform their strategies to keep pace with the opposition.

As cyber threats increase it is imperative for businesses to be prepared and understand the real risks associated with a security breach. A passive approach to security can have devastating consequences to companies and it is clear that cyber security is fast becoming a top business priority.

This topic highlights the evolving nature of the cyber security landscape and the role of the Chief Information and Security Officer in this evolution. As the IoT grows unabated, data is becoming more valuable and accessible and therefore the focus is moving from securing databases to that of identity and access management.

Under discussion will be what CISO’s as custodians of enterprise information assets in both public and private domains are doing to develop strategies and network policies to detect and respond to cyber threats.

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